While the pricing structure below is only a range, it will give you a great idea if we’re the kind of company you can work with based on your Budget needs. We believe in “No Surprises” and that’s why we tell you our fees upfront, on our website, so you can make a real decision, even before you contact us.


We don’t like wasting time, especially a Client’s, and giving you an idea of our fee structure upfront takes out the unknowns of if we could work together based on your needs, including the all important financial ones.


Also, we strive to deliver quality service and performance at a highly competitive price. We love VALUE and so do our Clients. We’ll work with you to assess your needs and come up not only with an execution plan but a pricing plan that can work for any budget.


Our Engagement Goal: The Value We Bring Your Business Will Exceed the Fees You Pay!


Our Typical Fee Structure:

  • Initial Consultation:  Always Free
  • Monthly Strategy Advisement: pre-determined recurring advisement based on availability: starts at $3,000
  • Project-based: Fixed-Bid based on mutually agreed upon defined scope
  • Pay for Performance: We have options for little or no upfront costs.
    • We call this Fee Structure the “Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is.” That’s because if we don’t deliver the measurable results, we don’t get paid.
    • This structure only works for defined and measurable agreed-upon metrics but when an engagement offers the ability to directly measure results, both our clients and us love this structure.
    • These vary by client and project but in certain instances, we will be paid only on the results and value we create. This type of structure typically involves a percentage of savings or Gross Profit increases. This option usually will be ongoing.
  • COO & CFO Outsourced™ services:
    • This can be anywhere from 2 to 40 hours per week.
    • We fit a program to your needs, not a standardized structure like many other firms.
    • We consult with you and help you identify their current and ongoing COO or CFO needs.
    • We provide World Class and Best in Class Operational and Financial Management tailored to budgets, limited resources and other fiscal constraints.
    • We’ll get you more for less. And, you’ll get better skilled.
  • Cash Flow Optimization™ services:
    • We fit a program to your needs and we put real cash in your pocket. Our Cash Flow Assessment services are designed to make you money, not take it. Our fee will more than pay for what we find and help you generate in real Cash Flow.
  • Inventory Maximization services:
    • We fit a program to your needs, really maximize your Inventory systems & processes, and we turn inventory into your most effective asset. Our fee will more than pay for what we find and help you maximize your Inventory.

(Note: The above is an overall range of our pricing structure. Clearly, everything is Client and project dependent.)

Talk to Us and We’ll figure out a pricing structure that works with ANY budget!

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