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Want the same expertise, analysis, judgment and insight that is available to larger companies?


We provide CFOs with high level experience without the full-time CFO level salary burden!


 We have extensive experience with Associations, Non-profits, and Foundations  (501(c)6 and 501(c)3 organizations).

We’re members of ASAE.


Why Outsourced CFO Services?Business atrium pic

  • Unparalleled Experience
  • Value & Flexibility
  • Maximize Limited Resources
  • Avoid Talent Gap
  • Tailored Expertise
  • Trust, Candor, Independence & Unbiased Advisor
  • Guidance & Direction for Staff
  • 21st Century Setup & Security


Outsourced CFO • Part-Time CFO • Virtual CFO • Fractional CFO • Contract CFO • Shared CFO

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Who We Are: The Infrastructure Company

We are Strategy and Efficiency experts and we’re in the business of “Putting More Time Back into Your Life and More Money in Your Pocket.”  

The Infrastructure Company’s CFO Outsourced™ services provide part-time Chief Financial Officer and Financial Advisement for clients all over the US. We do all the things a CFO would typically do but at a fraction of a full-time, permanent salary. And with better skill sets.  We specialize in CFO work for Associations, Foundations, and other Non-Profits (501(c)6 and 501(c)3 organizations). We’re also members of ASAE. We tailor a program to your needs, not a standardized structure like many other firms. 

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Areas We AssistBiz man reviewing work shot

  • Finance & Accounting for Associations & Non-Profits
  • Assessments of current processes & systems and Action Plan
  • Best Practices, 21st Century Innovation & Business Mindset
  • Analytics, Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Cash Flow Management & Maximization
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Alignment of Finance Function with Strategic Plan & Mission
  • Bank Financing, Lines of Credit & Investments
  • Governance & Board
  • Directing Auditors & Tax Professionals
  • 990 Tax, Government Compliance, PAC & Grant Filings
  • Profitability & Performance Optimization
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Fraud Avoidance & Internal Controls
  • Membership Focus & Growth
  • IT & System Expertise
  • And more!!


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Why Outsourced CFO services?


Unparalleled Experience

Access to Executive-level skills and experience. A Seasoned, heavyweight CFO that results in direct impact at a strategic level. Organizations benefit from implementing cutting-edge, best-of-breed financial ideas.  A part time or fractional CFO is a highly qualified financial professional. Your organization shares his or her services with other companies. Your organization utilizes a fraction of his or her time, and pays a fraction of the cost. But cost saving isn’t the biggest advantage. The biggest advantage of outsourcing the CFO function is that your organization benefits from the same expertise, analysis, judgment and insight that is available to larger companies.


Maximize Limited Resources

For many nonprofits, trade and professional associations resources are limited and focused on the core principles, cause or membership that the organization serves. Expertise is needed but not necessarily on a full-time basis.


Eliminate Dilemma of high cost, full-time position 

Organizations can be caught between two difficult decisions: Do they go without the services they need from a CFO or do they pay the burden of the high cost of a permanent professional? An Outsourced CFO is a 3rd Option between these two choices.


Value & Flexibility

Get a CFO level skillset without the full time CFO level salary burden. Increase or decrease use as needed for maximum leverage and flexibility. No W-2 salary, no raises, no bonuses, no health insurance, no payroll taxes, no fringe benefits, and no employee hassles. An Outsourced CFO also means no long-term contract. Our relationship lasts only as long as it makes sense for your organization.


Avoid Talent Gap

You definitely want your organization to have financial management that is experienced, skilled, insightful and able to see the big picture. But that kind of talent is expensive. Think about it. Your organization does not need access to that kind of talent every day. A part time CFO means you can have the quality talent you want at a fraction of the cost. And, you avoid having to hire an inferior or inexperienced CFO due to budget constraints.


Onsite or Offsite

We always start on-site to assess and build rapport. Then, we focus on hands on, get it done attitude, on-site or offsite.  Whether we are on site at your company’s office or working remotely/virtual from ours, we’re focused on performance and value based on your needs.


Partner & Resource for Senior Management & Board

The CFO has maximum impact as a member of an executive team. When properly staffed by an experienced finance professional, the finance function becomes value add. We help you make critical decisions. We’ve been a trusted partner for CEO/Executive Director/Presidents and Boards. We’re also members of ASAE.


Guidance & Direction for Staff

A CFO will immediately address pressing financial concerns, mentor staff, and help you make critical decisions. Your part-time or fractional CFO trains and manages your employees to efficiently handle day-to-day activities and transactions.


Tailored Expertise

We specialize in CFO work for Trade associations, Foundations, and other Non-Profits (501(c)6 and 501(c)3 organizations). We fit a program to your needs, not a standardized structure like many other firms. We consult with clients and help them identify their current and ongoing CFO needs. We provide World Class and Best in Class Financial Management tailored to budgets, limited resources and other fiscal constraints.


Trust, Candor, Independence & Unbiased Advisor

Your organization could benefit from a trusted, independent advisor who can recommend and implement improved policies, procedures, system use, reporting and analysis. A part time CFO means that this key role is held by someone who is focused on hearing what you need to hear. He or she has no competing agenda. They’re not guarded in their comments. They’re not concerned about losing their only source of income. They have other clients. They are a professional consultant who just happens to have an intimate understanding of your organization.


21st Century Setup & Security

Thanks to the advances in technology, it’s become possible for a CFO to work efficiently for multiple organizations and companies without having to travel from office to office. The trouble was that the cost of having the right computer system and security needed for remote access was still too high for most small businesses. Now, thanks to Cloud technology & video conferencing even small organizations can afford the services that allow for remote/virtual access by an Outsourced CFO.


Specifics: How We Can Help Your OrganizationBiz meeting shot


Associations & Non-Profit organizations.  We have extensive experience with with Associations, Non-profits, and Foundations (501(c)6 and 501(c)3 organizations). We know the Budgetary and Governance aspect of non-profits extremely well. And, we’re members of ASAE.

Finance & Accounting. We have been solely responsible for all finance and accounting responsibilities at multi-million dollar, international companies as well as trade associations and non-profit organizations.

Best Practices, 21st Century Innovation & Business Mindset. Your organization benefits from the “Best Practices” that we have learned while working with and for businesses, associations, and nonprofits that are then applied and used to improve your organization. We define and adopt operating models for breakthrough innovation and growth, impacting processes, culture, ideation mechanisms, partnerships driving growth through a transformation in innovation.

Analytics, Budgeting & Forecasting. We apply a Forward-focused approach to budgeting and forecasting with emphasis on business strategies and supporting core business processes.  We have major experience with creating, developing and implementing Strategic Plans. We have a strong track record in using data & analytics to make business-defining decisions. We’ve performed Budgeting for organizations ranging from $2million to $100million.

Cash Flow. We’re Cash Flow experts for organizations. Major experience with monitoring cash flow and credit availability. Massive knowledge with AR, including strategies with terms, payment models and collection strategies.

Activity Based Costing. We’ve implemented simple and sophisticated Activity Based Costing structures to allocate Overhead costs to Programs, Services and Activities. Aligns with an organization’s Strategic Plan.

Alignment of Finance Function with Strategic Plan & Mission. We align Finance & Accounting functions to all business units, processes and functions around a coherent, unified strategy and achieve transformational change.

Bank Financing & Investments. We have extensive experience in bank financing and lines of credit. Strong knowledge of investments and borrowing levels as well as lender relationships and compliance with credit terms.

Governance & Board. We work directly with CEO/President/Executive Directors, Board of Directors/Trustees, Executive Committee or Finance Committees including Presentation of all financial reporting, budgeting and alignment of finance/accounting/operations/HR with Strategic Plan. We’re members of ASAE.

Direct Auditors & Tax Professionals. Long-term experience with external Auditors including preparation and overseeing of annual audit.

990 Tax, Government Compliance, PAC & Grant Filings. We work with external Tax experts on preparation of 990’s. Ensure sound fiscal compliance with federal, state and local laws, industry standards, and generally accepted accounting principles as well as timely PAC or Grant filings.

Profitability & Performance Optimization. We evaluate cost performance levers across front and back office functions and processes and define an Action Plan on improvement can be achieved to create significantly better financial performance.

Risk Management, Controls & Insurance. We have extensive experience with the Design and Implementation of Risk Management methodologies and approaches as well as in the Assessment of known and emerging risks. Focus on internal controls & processes. We direct the risk management function in terms of disaster recover; business continuity and proper insurance are critical on-going concerns of the position.

GAAP & FASB. We have extensive experience with GAAP and Financial Accounting Standard Board (FASB) rules.  For trade associations, professional associations, and nonprofit organizations this is FAS 116 for recording contribution revenue, FAS 117 for financial statements and often times SOP 97-2, 98-9 or similar statute for GAAP based revenue recognition.

Fraud Avoidance & Complete Control. The potential for fraud is an unfortunate reality for all organizations.  By outsourcing your senior level accounting duties you will also have an unbiased and independent set of eyes reviewing your books and records.  We do not have any check writing authority or direct access to any of your accounts but review them monthly as part of the closing process.  You, as the president, owner or senior level employee, maintain complete control.

Membership Focus & Growth. We can design or assist with 21st Century focused strategies for membership development, membership services, education, safety, political affairs, labor relations strategy; public relations; fundraising; and strategic planning. We provide a high level of customer service for all members and in interactions with other organizations. We can help increase engagement of volunteer members in organization’s programs, services & activities. We have extensive knowledge & resources for Social Media, Internet Marketing and Member Growth Strategies.

IT & System Expertise.  We have proven expertise and track record in implementing financial accounting computer systems and controls, and overseeing many IT functions. We work with Microsoft Dynamics (Great Plains),  iMIS, eTouches, Mas90, Intacct, Lawson,,, Access & SAP enterprise systems. Extensive experience with List Management software such as MailChip, AWeber, and Constant Contact. Major E-Commerce and fulfillment experience.

Vendor Management/World Class Operations/Outsourcing/Supply Chain. We’re leaders in “Vendor Management.” Strong skills in negotiation, structuring and managing multiple vendor relationships.  Strong background in developing and implementing world class operations systems, procedures, and processes.

Innovation, Fresh Thinking & Strategic.  We provide fresh-thinking, innovative style; creative insights and approaches to solving problems. innovation & business design. Excellent ability and experience in assessing organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and adjusting accordingly.  We thrive on bringing structure to a rapidly growing organization.

Results Oriented.  We’re always focused on getting things done. We possess strong conceptual, analytical, and critical thinking and execution skills. We’re tightly focused and results oriented: Never lose sight of initial goals. Though constantly aware of the big picture, we have the ability to zero in on details and retain the thoroughness and attention to detail that financial administration requires.

Strong Leadership.  We’re proven, effective leaders and results-driven; able to deal with multiple constraints while achieving high-quality results, and comfortable establishing measurable goals and milestones for self and others; including timeframes and priorities. Delegate wisely and prolifically: Bring the attitude of “Coach” rather than director, to the position. Emphasize team building leading to more employee involvement, increasing morale and productivity.


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