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Do You Have Inventory Issues affecting your Business?

Lack of Inventory Systems affecting your company’s ability to get your business to the next stage?

Does your company have serious Demand but can’t fulfill due to inventory constraints?


We’re Inventory Gurus. The Infrastructure Company’s Inventory Maximization approach provides companies the expertise to manage one of their most important assets: Inventory.

We’re The Infrastructure Company. We’re Inventory Experts for growth companies. We’re in the business of “Putting More Money in Your Pocket.”

We have extensive experience with maximizing Inventory, deploying or utilizing ERP systems and forecasting. We can also help you with guidance on inventory financing, import/export, Letters of Credit & International trade needs.

We take proactive approach to Inventory Management and Inventory Forecasting. We’re experts in Cost Accounting and have implemented extensive Cost Accounting processes and systems that are aligned with enterprise level and inventory management systems.

Our International Trade consulting includes Outsourced Oversees Operations, Letters of Credits, and Trade Financing.

Our Outsourcing & Fulfillment services have been built on extensive experience with being strategic in “outsourcing” of sourcing, production, fulfillment, and distribution, resulting in reduced labor intensiveness at headquarters and improved efficiency through use of specialized vendors. We can help you select, setup & oversee both US and International Fulfillment Centers for your company’s distribution.

We’re leaders in “Vendor Management.” We can teach you strong skills in negotiation, structuring and managing multiple vendor relationships. We have proven experience in directing, managing and overseeing worldwide day to day operations & manufacturing. Our strong background in developing and implementing world class operations systems, procedures, and processes brings immediate results to your bottom line.

We have a proven track record working with Manufacturing & Distribution companies. We’ve achieved great success through concentration on “Value Drivers,” where money should be most wisely spent, where money can be saved, and how to redesign processes to be more effective.

Finally, we can design or re-design how you Forecast and Project your Inventory requirements. We can align your Inventory Strategy with your overall business goals and objectives. We can help you deploy metrics that can take your business to the next level by having proper inventory management.

We’ve been helping companies since 2004. Let us help you grow revenue and maximize your Inventory, Profits and Cash Flow today!

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Schedule a FREE Consultation Today!! 


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