Industries We Serve 

We specialize in working with growth companies as well as leading edge Non-Profits. Specifically, we help the following type of companies and/or industries:


  • Consumer Based Companies

    • Import/Export companies
    • Apparel
    • Footwear
    • Action Sports including skateboarding, snowboarding & surf
    • Healthcare including multi-office based, manufacturing, or fulfillment/warehouse centric companies


  • Tech

    • Internet/Online Services/E-Commerce centric
    • Software companies
    • Web Development
    • IT Services


  • Traditional Wholesale/Retail Brick & Mortar

    • Retail
    • Restaurants/Foodservice
    • Specialty Food Wholesale companies


  • Non-Profits:  Associations  and Foundations 

    • Member-driven Associations, Foundations and other non-profits with products that they sell


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Our Clients


The Infrastructure Company works with clients all over the United States and helping them in other countries throughout the world.

Here’s a sample list of our Clients:




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