Want to Maximize Your Resources?
Budget Constraints holding you back from Top Talent?
Not Yet at the Stage for a Full-time, Permanent CFO?
Want the same expertise, analysis, judgment and insight that is available to larger companies?
We provide CFOs with high level experience without the full-time CFO level salary burden!

CFO Outsourced™ Services

The Infrastructure Company’s CFO Outsourced™ services provide part-time Chief Financial Officer and Financial Advisement for clients all over the US, Europe & Australia. We do all the things a CFO would typically do but at a fraction of a full-time, permanent salary. And with better skill sets. We specialize in CFO work for Growth Companies, Associations, and Non-Profits. We tailor a program to your needs, not a standardized structure like many other firms.

For Growth Companies

Part-time/Virtual Chief Financial Officer and Financial Advisement for growth companies, primarily in the Consumer Product, Tech, Specialty Food, and Retail sectors.

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For Associations & Non-Profits

CFO Outsourced™ services Designed for Trade Associations, Foundations, and other Non-Profits. We're members of ASAE as well.

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