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What is an Accounting Department Assessment

Must like an independent auditor, our Accounting Assessments provide you with an experienced and outsider view of how well your accounting department performs, including evaluating your staff. Most business owners simply don’t know how an accounting department functions optimally.

We review and evaluate your accounting staff, review processes, review timely close of books and assess your team’s ability to deliver accurate books/financials.


How an Assessment Works

We perform a detailed diagnostic study of your business. We have extensive experience with similar business operations including setting up and managing Accounting Departments.

An in-depth examination is performed including evaluating your current team, your accounting workflow, processes & procedures as well as internal controls to provide recommendations for improvement by identifying strengths and deficiencies and specific Action Steps to get results.

The accounting assessment takes approximately one to three days.


Why It Works

We provide an objective and comprehensive assessment of the business to give an unbiased view of its strengths and weaknesses. The Deliverable of our Assessments is our Findings & Specific Recommendations Report that provides you not only insight into how your Accounting Department is functioning but also outlines Specific Action Steps for you to achieve improvements. We provide you a Road Map to sustainable change.

What You Gain

  • Improve Gross Profit, Profit Margins and Net Income. Direct financial benefit to “bottom-line.”
  • Help small and medium-sized companies improve positive cash flow, manage costs and drive profitable growth, allowing owners and managers to make the most of their work and their lives.
  • Help clients capitalize upon transformative opportunities to increase the productivity of people and processes.
  • To architect, design and deploy business process advancements that materially enhance productivity, and ultimately, profitability.
  • Helping clients improve and re-engineer business processes, identify redundancies, eliminate non-essential procedures, and reduce costs.
  • Determine if Accounting Department is accurate and timely and operating correctly.


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How to Know If You’re Accounting Department
is Functioning Properly and Optimally

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We utilize a Three-Step, specific process to take a comprehensive look at your strengths, challenges, and needs to create a strategy for tackling your infrastructure objectives.

The Process



    • Assessment is the key first step of The Infrastructure Company’s method.  This step involves reviewing existing business processes and systems currently in place.  We immerse ourselves in your world to better understand your company’s strengths and challenges as well as your organizational and financial realities. Working with your staff, we will formulate a project and plan to accomplish your goals.


    • Assessments are our core competency. The Infrastructure Company’s methodology takes into account all of a company’s symptoms, identifying their root causes and creating solutions that eliminate them.


    • Unbiased, professional assessment of your accounting, finance or operations department practices, strategies and results


    • We provide comprehensive design, development and implementation services that reshape business processes. We start by performing a high-level review of your existing business processes and identify redesign opportunities to help you achieve cost savings and productivity improvements.


    • The Assessment phase helps you re-define & re-invent the way your business works by providing an in-depth analysis and re-engineering of core business processes. The key is efficiency and value.


    • Because The Infrastructure Company focuses exclusively on growth companies, we have acquired extensive knowledge of the needs of these businesses. We leverage that, gather vital data about your company’s current processes and systems, and work closely and collaboratively with you and your staff to develop the optimal approach. From the beginning of your project with The Infrastructure Company, you have a team ready to listen and provide the most efficient and effective solutions to your challenges.


    • Business runs on information, regardless of the industry. The quality and timeliness of information assists business owners and executives with critical decisions. In order to make wise and profitable decisions, it is critical to have a thorough business assessment and analysis. Our Consultants are trained to perform an exhaustive diagnostic study of your business. The Consultant and support team have experience with similar business operations. An in-depth examination is performed including financial, operational, technology and sales functions of the business to provide recommendations for improvement by identifying strengths and deficiencies.We provide an objective and comprehensive analysis of the business to give an unbiased view of its strengths and weaknesses. Our Business Assessment typically takes one to five days to perform, depending upon the size of your company or organization. Our target market is businesses that range in annual revenue in excess of $2 million.



    • In this Phase, we submit an ACTION PLAN that is the result of the ASSESSMENT phase.


    • To create the Action Plan, we design and re-design your company’s operational business processes.  The objective and focus of this Phase is to enhance operational efficiencies and maximize productivity while maintaining or improving cost structures.


    • We’re problem solvers and we love to maximize something already good and make it great. Using the findings from the Assess phase, we develop a Road Map to prioritize objectives, set goals and create realistic and executable strategies and tactics to solve your challenges. We build a Road Map to give you new infrastructure to grow upon. Our solutions are tailored to your company’s unique needs and challenges.


    • The Road Map can lead to dramatic cost reductions, improved service levels and enhanced quality of work.


    • This Phase can be handled 3 ways:
      • Do It Yourself: You take the Road Map and execute it yourself.
      • Guidance:– We will work with you and handhold you as you execute the Road Map.
      • Do it For You: If you don’t have the resources or understanding, we can implement the Road Map for you.



    • The Road Map is literally your directions to RESULTS.


    • Because we focused on Tactics in our Planning phase, we will have identified, analyzed and resolved your business’s inefficiencies at the source, beyond the symptoms, to address the root causes of the issues.


    • Additionally, the Road Map has ALIGNED the specific Tactics to your overall Business Strategies.


    • Further, the Road Map has identified the resources you have in place or the resources you need to implement the tactics identified in the Road Map.


    • All of this leads directly to the RESULTS that you crave for your business.


    • We are passionate about the quality of our deliverables which are structured upon industry Best Practices and Standards, 21st Century tools and approaches, and customized solutions developed exclusively for your company.


    • The methodology includes a post-project review, which ensures that objectives have been achieved and continuous improvements can be made.


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