We're in the Business of Putting More Money in Your Pocket & More Time Back into Your Life

We’re Strategic Business Consultants & Advisors who specialize in the Finance, Operations and Technology needs of Small & Medium sized Growth Companies. We’re Strategy and Efficiency experts and we’re in the business of "Putting More Money in Your Pocket & More Time Back into Your Life." We can Assess, Design or Implement systems & processes for your EXISTING business that are SCALABLE, which lay the foundation to help you grow to the next business stage and take your company to the next level. We specialize in the role of a Strategic COO or CFO bringing high-level strategy and tactics to your operations, accounting and finance areas of your business. Because we're technology experts, our market leading difference is that we ALIGN TECHNOLOGY to your entire business infrastructure. Who advises companies who crave the same expertise as the big guys but aren’t yet at the stage for Fortune 500, large international consulting firms? We do. We're The Infrastructure Company and we offer big firm strategy & expertise at a boutique firm size and accessibility.

Want to Know the #1 Issue that Prevents a Company's Growth?


Infrastructure Issues such as Back Office Breakdowns, Resources, Operational, Financial & Technology

Is your Operational, Accounting, Finance, or Lack of Systems affecting your ability to get to your next business stage?
Do you need COO or CFO level strategy & expertise but not ready for a full-time, permanent addition to your team?
Do you find you don’t have the right talent in place to really grow or you find yourself spending all of your time managing your team instead of being focused on the areas that matter?
Do you find yourself Overwhelmed, Frustrated or Stuck on how to get to the next level?

If you don’t know where to turn or you’re tired of mediocre results then,

You’ve finally found the right place.

Who We CAN Help

We’re VERY selective about who we work with and who we CAN help. Your company has to be in Growth mode or Plateaued due to infrastructure issues. You lack the RESOURCES/KNOWLEDGE to scale your business. Your Accounting/Finance or Operational Infrastructure must be AFFECTING your company’s ability to grow.

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You’ve Got Problems, We’ve Got Solutions

We offer world-class expertise to growth companies & organizations bringing the strong infrastructure, system, financial controls, and operational procedures to achieve their strategic objectives and bring measurable profitability and cost savings to their organizations. We bring Fresh-thinking, Innovative style & Creative insights to solving problems.

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Industries We Serve

We specialize in working with ONLY growth companies. Specifically, we help Consumer Product Companies including Import/Export companies, Apparel/Footwear, Action Sports, Tech, Traditional Wholesale/Retail, Healthcare, Specialty Food, and product-driven Non-Profits.

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Our Process: The Road to Results

You'll find a lot of consultants who promise the world and deliver excuses. At The Infrastructure Company, we deliver RESULTS. For us, it’s always about re-engineering your business processes first and foremost. That's where the quantum leaps in productivity and savings are waiting to be found.

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Accounting Department Assessments

Must like an independent auditor, our Accounting Assessments provide you with an experienced and outsider view of how well your accounting department performs, including evaluating your staff. Most business owners simply don’t know how an accounting department functions optimally.

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Performance Improvement Assessments

We perform a detailed diagnostic study of your business. We have extensive experience with similar business operations. An in-depth examination is performed and can include financial, operational and IT functions of the business to provide recommendations for improvement by identifying strengths and deficiencies.

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COO & Operations Outsourced™ services

Our COO Outsourced™ services provide part-time or "fractional" Chief Operations Officer advisement. As technology experts, we ALIGN your entire operational infrastructure to a foundation that is scalable. We fill your COO needs on a part-time, interim, project or one-time basis. We improve your entire operational management and give you the structure to grow.

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CFO Outsourced™ services

The Infrastructure Company’s CFO Outsourced™ services provide part-time Chief Financial Officer and Financial Advisement for clients all over the world. We do all the things a CFO would typically do but at a fraction of a full-time, permanent salary. And with better skill sets. We specialize in CFO work for Growth Companies as well as Associations & Non-Profits. We tailor a program to your needs, not a standardized structure like other firms.

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Inventory Management services

We're Inventory Gurus. The Infrastructure Company’s Inventory Maximization approach provides companies the expertise to manage one of their most important assets: Inventory. We're experts in Inventory setup, systems, and most importantly, forecasting. We also help with guidance on inventory financing, import/export, Letters of Credit & International trade needs.

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Cash Flow Optimization™ services

Let Us Maximize Your Cash Flow today!! Do You Have Cash Flow Issues in your Business? Cash Flow or Lack of Systems affecting your company’s ability to get to your business to the next stage? The Infrastructure Company’s Cash Flow Optimizer™ approach provides companies the Cash Flow Expertise they seek, not just to survive, but to thrive. We have extensive experience with maximizing Cash Flow, AR, Inventory, & credit availability.

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Executive Training Camp

Designed for Individuals, Executives & Business Owners, Executive Training Camp is the place the Pros go to learn proven skills, systems and strategies about 21st Time Management, Delegation, Email Management, Decision Making, Managing Meetings, Working/Managing Remotely and more. You’ll Gain Back More Time in your Work Life. Business is a sport and the best trained players win.

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Private Mentoring & Coaching

While the majority of our work is with companies, we have found that individuals need expert guidance as well. So, from time to time, we open the doors to a select private group of success-minded Business Owners and Executives that want to work one-on-one on their business skills to get to the next level.

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Ask Us a Question

Ask us a question for Free about your business. It can be about Cash Flow, Operations, Accounting, Finance, Managing People or pretty much anything. We'll do our best to answer and if we can't, we'll point you in the direction of someone who might.